Pressure Point Massage



When you book an appointment for yourself and someone else at the same household, you save £5 on each of your appointments. Perfect for couples, friends or treating the kids!

Refer a friend:

Refer your friends/family and they will receive £10 off the first appointment. You will then receive  £10 off your next appointment.
(conditions may apply)



A favourite for many reasons, Raynor Massage will focus on locating and releasing tension using specific massage techniques and stretches for each individual clients needs. It concentrates on several elements of the body that can remain stagnant and cause pain over time. The longer the appointment the more tension we can release.

30mins - £40

1hr - £55

1.5hr - £75

Longer appointments available on request

Acupressure Neck Massage


Full body massage,  lighter pressure is applied for light relaxation. Essential oils can be infused in massage oil with a selection of calming music that will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered, commonly booked for special occasions and gifts.

(This massage is not intended to release conditions such as neck and back pain or old injuries etc)

30mins - £40

1hr - £55

1.5hr - £75