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Juicing our way to better health.

If you are like me and often don't have time or forget to eat the right foods that give us all the nutrients we need to stay healthy and happy, then juicing could be the way forward for you. Juicing is my fool-proof way of adding all the essential vitamins, minerals and natural food chemicals into my day to day diet. The nutrients in fresh juice are much more easily absorbed into our systems than most pills, of which are often artificially formed. Also by doing it myself at home I know exactly which ingredients are in my juice unlike most supermarket pre-made juices which are often upto 90% water, full of sweeteners and lack in rich vitamins. They are also much more expensive!

Fresh juices can boost our energy and natural immunity, they are amazing for detoxing and are also great to be used as a mixer with alcohol in the party season! So I have below some of my all time favourite juices that I like to make at home which are quick and easy to make and i'll share with you all the vitamins and minerals each juice contains, enjoy!

(For these recipes, you do not need to buy an expensive juicer but a midrange, slow-pressed juicer would be great and try and use organic where possible and always rinse your fruit before juicing. It is worth the investment for sure)

ENERGISER - Vitamins A, B, C, E and potassium, full of antioxidants.

Start your day with instant calories and the protection to fight off bugs all day long. The ENERGISER is ideal for ladies who experience fluid retention just before their periods, its skin clearing and cleansing which can help people who suffer from skin issues such as acne.

4 Carrots - Unpeeled unless organic

1 Apple - Quartered unpeeled

1 Kiwi - Peeled

Spinach - A handful rinsed

Parsley - A handful with stems


GINGER NINJA - Vitamins A, C and fibre.

This is one of my favourites and all the ingredients will be found in any supermarket. The GINGER NINJA is a gentle cleanser with powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits and is also great to fight off the early signs of cold/flu. Perfect for people with joint pain, arthritis and morning sickness.

2 Carrots - Unpeeled unless organic

1 Apple - Quartered unpeeled

1 Orange - Peeled try to keep the pith 1/2 Capsicum - Red or Yellow

Ginger - 3cm chunk (if you love ginger like me, I always do a bigger chunk)


SLEEPING BEAUTY - Vitamins A,C and Folic Acid, Iron, Calcium and Potassium.

If you ever get anxious, tense and irritable or even run down this juice is the ONE! This calming and restorative juice is perfect if you are recovering from illness or suffer from insomnia or anxiety as its mix of vitamins, aromatic oils and natural sleep-inducing ingredients work together to leave you relaxed and calm. 1 glass before bed is all you need to feel the difference.

3 Apples - Quartered unpeeled

2 Oranges - Peeled try to keep the pith

1 Lemon - With peel if skin is thin

Iceberg Lettuce - 2 Handfuls

Spinach - 1 Handful


FOR AN EXTRA KICK IN THE MORNING WHY NOT TRY A GINGER SHOT, Perfect for busy mornings or a quick energy boost! Ginger is soothing and works wonders for the digestive system, ginger shots can help with weight loss, concentration, muscle pains, headaches, nausea, and motion sickness just to name a few. See below some of my faves!


1-inch length piece fresh ginger 1-inch length piece fresh ginger 1-inch length piece fresh ginger

1 large lemon 1 medium carrot 1 green apple

1 large orange 1 cup packed spinach leaves (optional)

The whole point of juicing for me is to get the maximum possible amount of enzymes, vitamins and minerals into my body and all in 1 glass! It's so easy to keep to your 5 a day and it's also a lot of fun tasting all the different concoctions that you make with anything you have left in the fridge or fruit bowl!


If you're taking prescription drugs, check with your GP before doing a lot of juicing.

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