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Raynor Massage

Raynor Massage is generally recognised as one of the most effective techniques of massage therapy today. This Deep Tissue Massage helps to promote relaxation by finding and releasing the tension and stress we store in our bodies. Tension can create a build up of toxins which can reduce the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles and organs.


Raynor massage is not done as a routine and will differ from person to person. The main goal of a Raynor Massage Therapist is to simply find tension in the body and release it. Any muscle in the body, whether it has been built up by exercise or not, should be quite soft and pain free when pressed. By lying on the massage bench we are not using our muscles and our body is in a relaxed state, so if we find areas that are firm, tight or sore when pressed then this is tension. Everyone will have some form of tension, whether it's in the shoulders and neck or even in the feet and legs. Most of the time we do not realise that we have this tension or do anything about it until the pain gets too much for us, but the good news is with some TLC the tension we hold can be greatly reduced.


As a Raynor Massage therapist we look at your body as a whole, focusing on one specific area is not as effective as treating the whole body. We find that often the area that is most painful may not be the area the needs the most work.  This one issue is common with some other Massage Therapists. Very often the Massage Therapist will focus all they're time on the area that the client says is tight and painful and wont look any further than this to find where the pain/problem stems from.


Emotional tension and its affects the body.

If we are feeling stressed out or anxious, it is a natural reaction for the body to tense up. When that moment has passed, we don’t always relax completely and the body holds onto this tension. Over time this tension builds up causing us to be more prone to injury and pain. This pain can have a roll on effect.... It stops us from getting to sleep at night leaving us feeling even more tense and frustrated in the morning, then grumpy and tired all day. My Clients find that having regular massage appointments have increased energy during the day but also improved sleeping habits, leaving them able to deal with the daily stresses


Where does Raynor Massage originate from?

Developed by Canadian born and Australian trained Naturopath Brandon Raynor, Raynor massage has evolved from a variety of different styles of massage from around the world including Reflexology, Deep tissue, Ayurvedic, Shiatsu and Hawaiian. Raynor Massage uses the principles gained from a variety of massage styles, however we trust our own senses to find any tension/blockage in the body and release this with specific deep tissue massage techniques, stretches and adjustments for the needs of each individual clients needs rather than follow one particular principle or technique.

In this, we focus on parts of the body which other Massage Therapists often leave out including feet and hands, face, head and hips as we find these areas can easily get blocked therefore freeing these up will not only make these areas feel light and relaxed but will benefit the whole body.

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