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Frequently Asked Questions 

What do I wear during the massage?

You will be alone in the room whilst you get ready. Ladies are asked to leave your underwear on but remove your bra to allow me to massage the back without any restrictions (If you would prefer to leave on your bra you can and I can then work around the straps). Men are asked leave on your underwear/boxers. You will then lay yourself on the massage table which has a face hole for your comfort. There will be fresh towels and blankets ready for you to cover yourself with. I will give you a few minutes before I knock on the door to check that you are ready and properly draped before your massage takes place.

Massage Therapy

Which areas of the body will be massaged?

Raynor Massage is a full body professional treatment - Feet, Legs, Glutes (on top of draping), Back, Shoulders, Neck, Arms, Hands and Scalp. Ladies, please note that the breast area will not be massaged and will remain fully covered during the appointment to ensure your privacy.You will be fully draped throughout the massage using towels and blankets.  IF there are particular areas of the body eg. shoulders, neck or back we can discuss this at the beginning of the appointment. (Please note I have a have a zero- tolerance policy and any inappropriate behaviour or requests from the client will end the appointment immediately)

Will the massage hurt?

Everyone is different, some clients experience no pain and discomfort at all but if you have areas holding lots of tension, there may be some discomfort as I work to remove the tension. Throughout the appointment we will be communicating to ensure that you are comfortable with the pressure being used. Once the tension has been dealt with I can then work deeper on following appointments with less discomfort than when we first started. 

How will I feel after my appointment?

Again, everyone is different. Some people will feel relaxed and quite sleepy, while others may feel refreshed and energetic straight after the treatment . You may well be tingly and light headed (some people refer to this as massage drunk)! Raynor Massage releases toxins that have been stored and blocked within your muscles. Drinking several glasses of  water after the appointment is necessary to help flush these from your system and alcohol and caffeine should be avoided for a few hours after. 

I'm feeling a bit tender the day after the massage, should I be worried?

For a couple days after your appointment you could possibly feel a little sore in areas we worked on where you had lots of tension held. This is a totally normal reaction and nothing to worry about. Any areas that are sore will pass soon. The result of releasing this tension and the amazing relief it brings should make up for any mild discomfort.

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